ARRIS M900 4 Axis Quadcopter Long Flight Time Drone with Motor/ESC/Propeller (unassembled)

ARRIS M900 4 Axis Quadcopter Long Flight Time Drone with Motor/ESC/Propeller (unassembled)

Item# CC0012-COMBO
USD $559.00
ARRIS M900 is quadcopter specially designed for long flight requirements in industrial applications. It is great for is great for power inspection, fire seach and rescue, traffic patrols, airdrops of supplier and lifesaving equipement, aerial photography and etc.

One main feature of the ARRIS M900 is the long flight time. With the 6S 24000mah lipo battery, the take off weight of the drone is 6.7kg, the non-load flight time is about 60 minutes. With a takeoff weight of 9.8kg, the flight time is about 30 minutes. 
Item Brand: ARRIS
Item Model: ARRIS M900
Dignotal wheelbase: 900mm
Folding size: 500x450x600mm
Expanded Size: 700x700x600mm
Max take off weight: 10kg
Max load: 3.3kg
Power Supply voltage: 6S
Motor: Eaglepower 5215 220KV Brushless Motor
Propeller:ARRIS 22" 2272 Carbon fiber propeller
Compatible battery: 6S 22.2V 12000mah to 25000mah (not included)

Flight Time: About 60 minutes (with 6.7kg takeoff weight) hovering

Note: The obove status as tested by 6S 24000mah battery, the weight of the battery is about 3.4kg. For different battery and under different circustances, the data may not the same. 

It can be fitted with operating equipment, LED spotlights, casters, gimbals and infrared equipment used in a variety of industrial applications. Extends the height of the landing skid, secures many holes in the bottom plate, allows various equipment to be attached, and has excellent expandability.

Convenient and quick release folding parts, CNC machined metal handles. Easy to carry.

ARRIS M900 extended the landing skid, and there reserved many holes on the bottom plate, allows various equipments to be attached. 

Metal motor mount. It has excellent high strength, high temperature resistance, and stability.

Eaglepower EA50 5112 220KV Brushless Motor

Item Brand: Eaglepower
Item Model: 5215 220KV
Configuration: 24N22P
Motor Size: 59x35mm
Weight: 268g
Idle Current (24V): 0.85A
Battery Voltage: 6S Lipo
Max Continuous Current: 25A
Max Continuous Power: 1150W
Internal Resistance: 0.104Ω

Hobbywing Flyfun 40A V5 3-6S Brushless ESC

Item Brand: Hobbywing
Item Model: Flyfun 40A V5
Input: 3-6S LiPo
Output: Switch Mode: 5.2V/6V/7.4V, 8A/20A
Input Wires: Red-14AWG-100mm*1
Output Wires: Blue-16AWG-75mm*3
Input Connectors: No
Output Connecotors: 3.5 Gold Connectors (Female)
ESC Programming via Transmitter: Supported
ESC Programming via LED Program Box: Supported
Firmware upgrade: not supported
Size: 47 x 28 x 14mm
Weight: 44g

2272 22inches Carbon Fiber Folding Propeller

Pacakge Included:
ARRIS M900 4 Axis Quadcopter Frame x 1
Eaglepower EA50 5215 220KV Brushless Motor x 4
Hobbywing Flyfun 40A V5 Brushless  ESC x 4
ARRIS 22" 2276 Carbon Fiber Composite Folding Propeller x 4 (2CW+2CCW)

Note: Flight controller, Radio, battery and battery charger are not included .We suggest 6S 12000mah to 25000mah battery for it. 

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