FMS 1/24 FMT24 Chevrolet Colorado RC Monster Truck RTR
FMS 1/24 FMT24 Chevrolet Colorado RC Monster Truck RTRFMS 1/24 FMT24 Chevrolet Colorado RC Monster Truck RTRFMS 1/24 FMT24 Chevrolet Colorado RC Monster Truck RTRFMS 1/24 FMT24 Chevrolet Colorado RC Monster Truck RTRFMS 1/24 FMT24 Chevrolet Colorado RC Monster Truck RTRFMS 1/24 FMT24 Chevrolet Colorado RC Monster Truck RTR

FMS 1/24 FMT24 Chevrolet Colorado RC Monster Truck RTR

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FMS 1/24 FMT24 Chevrolet Colorado RC Monster Truck RTR

The FMS 1/24 Chevrolet Colorado RC model impeccably mirrors the full-sized prototype's performance. With a robust nylon chassis, mid-mounted power unit, and a 2-speed gearbox, the Colorado offers seamless control and a sleek design. The powerful brushed motor, universal joint drive shaft, and large, shock-absorbing tires ensure an exhilarating off-road experience. The FMT24 Chevrolet Colorado is ready to hit the road, embracing the wild air of this brand-new off-road adventure.

Unleash the off-road adventure with the FMT24 Chevrolet Colorado — officially sanctioned by General Motors for the epitome of Chevrolet excellence. Feel the rush as this monster commands a lightning-fast top speed of 35 km/h, embodying the perfect blend of power and precision. This Colorado isn't just a monster truck, it's an authorized speed demon that turns every off-road escapade into an electrifying experience. Embrace the unmatched excitement and authority that come only with the FMT24 Chevrolet Colorado.

Main Features:
The Ultimate Choice For Off-road AdventuresThe hollow design of the large-size tires brings more excellent traction and grip, with better passability and off-road performance. Whether it is climbing the rugged terrain or speeding along, it can firmly grasp every inch of the ground.

The leading 2.4GHz Remoto-control Technology
The 2.4GHz remote control has better signal penetration and anti-interference ability than previous iterations.It can provide morestable and reliable signal transmission in complex environments.The 2.4GHz remote control also has faster signal response speed.When players operate the remote control,the vehicle or device can respond to commands faster,reduce the delay of operation, andimprove the real-time accuracy of driving.
Drive More Easily, Turn More Freely
Equipped with front and rear axle planetary gear differentials and universal joint drive shafts, the planetary gear differentials can intelligently adjust the distribution of driving force when the vehicle turns and steers, and the universal joint drive shafts achieve flexible power transmission, making the vehicle smoother and more agile when turning, reducing tire wear, and improving handling performance. Ultimately, this gives the vehicle better off-road performance.
Three-color Painting
Different color painting of the shell and personalized stickers will significantly enhance the visual effect of the vehicle. The exquisite design can enhance the three-dimensional and layered sense of the vehicle, and the FMS original personalized stickers add more personalized visual beauty, making the appearance more rich, colorful, and pleasing to the eye.
A Frame That Combines Durabilitv And Eco-friendlliness
The frame is crafted from high-strength nylon in one mold, resulting in a light and agile design that boosts the vehicle's flexibilityand handling, as well as providing excellent toughness and elasticity, extending the product' slife.Nylon is a material that can bereused, lessening resource depletion and environmental damage.
Comfortable Driving
The whole car uses ball bearings to improve the overall reliability of the vehicle. This has several benefits, such as reducing the fiction between parts, increasing the power transmission efficiency,and making the car stabler, to bring comfort and pleasure to thedriving experience.
Explore The Infinite Fun Of Adventure
The 370 high-speed brushed motor is a high-performance electric motor that provides powerful power output for the vehicle, achieving rapid acceleration and exciting speed. The battery capacity is 7.4V900 mAh, with long battery life, keeping the FMT in peak condition at all times.
Upgrade Your Driving Pleasure
The metal-gear steering servo has higher durability and reliability, providing higher torque and precision, accurately controlling the vehicle's steering and handling, performing better in racing and skill driving, thus enhancing your fun and satisfaction. 
Solid As A Rock, Steady As A Mountain
The powertrain is located at the center of the vehicle, with a low center of gravity, which helps to achieve a practical front-rear weight balance. This layout improves the vehicle’s handling and stability when turning and driving at high speeds, reducing the risk of rollover.

Wheelbase: 140mm
Tire F/R: D: 64.8mm , W: 33.4mm
Approach Angle: 66°
Departure Angle:53°
Motor: 370 Brushed motor
Approx. Operating Duration Time: 20mins
Remote control distance: 80m
Size: 239mm x 161mm x 108mm (L x W x H)

Package Included:
1 x FMS 1/24 FMT24 Chevrolet Colorado RTR
1 x G3 V3 transmitter
1 x R3B receiver with ESC group control board (installed)
1 x 370 Brushed motor (installed)
1 x 13g metal servo (installed)
1 x 9g servo (installed)
1X 2S Lipo 7.4V 900mAh 25C
1 x USB Charger
1 x Hex Wrench Socket
1 x Product Manual

Note: Due to the battery in it, shipping time is longer than usual! 

Need To Complete:
4 x AAA Batteries for Transmitter

FMS 1/24 FMT24 Chevrolet Colorado User Manual